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Why do contact lenses slip when wearing them?

Nov 24,2023 | Lens FAQ

Recently, we have received feedback from some customers that the lenses tend to slip away after wearing them. As we all know, contact lenses are soft lenses and their characteristic is that they easily fit the eyeballs. Today Mislens.com focuses on this issue and talks about why the problem of slippage occurs.

First, let’s understand the reasons why contact lenses slip:

1. Improper fit:

One of the main causes of lens slippage is ill-fitting lenses. If the lens size or curvature does not match the shape of your eye, it may move or fall out easily.

2. Dry eyes:

Insufficient lubrication can cause the lenses to stick to the surface of the eye, causing it to shift or shift when you blink or move your eyes.

3. Environmental factors:

External conditions such as wind, smoke, or dust can dry out the lenses or cause irritation, causing them to shift.

4. Error handling:

Improper handling during insertion or removal, such as not positioning the lens correctly or applying too much pressure, can cause the lens to shift.

So how to improve this slipping situation?

1. Determine the base curve (BC) of your Lenses to ensure the correct fit:

This step requires you to consult a professional ophthalmologist to determine the correct base arc and curvature of your own eyes. Precisely fitted lenses significantly reduce slippage.

2. Use professional lens soaking solution and lubricating eye drops:

Purchase a professional lens soaking solution and fully soak the lens in the soaking solution before use. Moist eyes provide a better adhesion surface for the lens.

3. Avoid environmental stimulation:

Wear glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh environmental conditions and prevent eye dryness and irritation that can cause lenses to slip.

4. Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene:

Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling lenses. For customers who are using contact lenses for the first time, it is recommended to use a professional cleaning machine to clean the lenses. Mislens provides manual cleaning lens cases, USB electronic portable cleaners, etc.

5. Consider different lens types:

Some people have sensitive eyes or astigmatism and may be more suitable for wearing hard lenses than soft contact lenses. This requires you to communicate with your ophthalmologist to determine whether your eyes are suitable for wearing soft contact lenses. It is recommended that you purchase as needed.

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