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Can You Get Mislens Colored Contacts with astigmatism?

Mar 26,2024 | Lens Trends

Recently, some customers have reported to our Mislens Customer Service that they suffer from astigmatism and myopia and asked whether they can wear contact lenses. So is astigmatism suitable for purchasing contact lenses? How to choose the right prescription? Today, I will give you some popular science on what to pay attention to when buying astigmatism contact lenses. 

Ordinary contact lenses generally do not have the function of correcting astigmatism. If the astigmatism degree is below -0.75 (75 degrees), you can still wear ordinary contact lenses as long as the degree is converted. For the degree conversion table, please refer to 🔗Mislens FAQ point 8

Astigmatism contact lens power conversion formula: contact lens myopia power + (astigmatism power ÷ 2)
If you wear frames and want to switch to contact lenses and want to determine what your prescription is, you can refer to this formula to determine your prescription: contact lens diopter = frame glasses diopter ÷ (1-0.012 × frame glasses diopter)

For example, if your astigmatism is -0.75 and myopia is -2.50, the above formula calculates -2.87. Generally, you can choose contact lenses with a smaller power, and the conversion result will be closer, that is, -2.75. Then this prescription is the most appropriate.

If the astigmatism degree exceeds -1.00 (100 degrees), astigmatism contact lenses with the corresponding degree and axis number should be selected. If you suffer from both severe myopia and astigmatism, it is recommended to follow the advice of your optometrist to customize and order suitable astigmatic contact lenses. We recommend that you purchase your prescription with caution once you are sure.

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