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The Importance of Regularly Replacing Your Contact Lens Case

Apr 13,2024 | Mislens

Today’s Mislens Eye Lens Care Tips💦

A contact lens case is necessary for contact lenses, it is used to store the lenses and allow them to have a clean and hygienic environment to avoid contamination of the lenses and ensure eye health. Like contact lenses, contact lens cases also need to be cleaned and replaced regularly.
Once the contact lens case lid is opened, bacteria can easily find their way in, thus increasing the risk of eye infections. Therefore, if contact lenses are not worn for a while, they should be cleaned and disinfected and stored in a closed contact lens case containing contact lens solutions or sterile saline to prevent contamination and drying of the lenses. Still, the case should also be cleaned and treated promptly.

For the first time, the case should be cleaned with boiling water and then rinsed with fresh lens solutions before use.

For daily use, if you wear contact lenses frequently, you need to replace the lens solutions with a fresh one every day, and if you don't wear them for a long time, you need to replace the lens solutions for three days.

Lens cases can easily breed bacteria and fungus, A stored contact lens case is best for 3-4 days to disinfect and keep regular replacement, A contact lens case is also best not to put in the bathroom, because humidity makes it easy to mold, and more likely to breed bacteria.

The replacement cycle of the mirror box is generally recommended to change once every three months. In addition, if you use lens clips and suction bars to assist in wearing lenses, we recommend that you replace the case and tools together, and usually do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting to protect the health of your eyes.

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