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FAQ about RX Contact Lenses(1)

Aug 23,2023 | Mis lens

Some customers have many questions about prescription lenses. Mislen provides a wide selection of prescription lenses for myopia, ranging from 0.00 to -8.00. So let’s learn some questions about prescription lenses for your reference:

1. The wearing time should not exceed two weeks each time, the reason why the eyes are red when wearing contact lenses?

Answer: Red eyes may be due to dry eyes (fewer tears) or inflammation, damaged lenses or incomplete cleaning, etc., which may cause red eyes after wearing glasses. In the above situation, the lens should be removed, and the doctor or optician should check to see what is the reason.

2. Wearing contact lenses can significantly increase the size of near objects. Why?

Answer: This is because I used to wear frame glasses before, and myopia itself has the function of shrinking. The frame glasses are worn about 10-15cm in front of the cornea, while the contact lenses are directly attached to the cornea, so the scene does not shrink Phenomenon, wearing contact lenses does not magnify the scenery, but the previous frame glasses reduce the scenery.

3. Why is it bad to wear Mislens contact lenses overnight?

Answer: Mislens Contact lenses cannot be worn overnight (except day and night). Because contact lenses stay in the eyes for too long, it will cause corneal edema caused by corneal deficiency, resulting in a decline in corneal disease resistance.

In addition, the secretions produced by the eyes are deposited on the lens and cannot be removed in time. The sediment adheres to the surface of the lens and makes the surface of the lens rough. In this way, it will greatly stimulate the cornea and conjunctiva, causing eye complications and the emergence of symptoms.

In addition, if the lens accumulates a certain thickness of sediment, the vision will be unclear, the wearing time will be shortened, and the life of the lens will also be shortened. Therefore, wearing contact lenses should be removed every day, cleaned, disinfected, worn, and washed every day, the healthiest.

4. Will the prescription of contact lenses increase?

Answer: Not necessarily. Changes in eye power are related to both congenital and acquired environments. For example, family history of myopia, living environment, nutrition, and exercise are closely related, but there is no scientific proof of the relationship with contact lenses.

5. What kind of eye conditions need to stop wearing contact lenses?

Answer: If you experience tingling, photophobia, tearing, red eyes, blurred vision, etc. after wearing it, you should immediately take off the lens, stop wearing it, and ask an optician or doctor for examination and treatment.

People who wear contact lenses should do a self-examination every day in three steps: first, appearance: whether the eyes are red, swollen, tearing, etc.; second, feeling: whether there is itching, pain, or foreign body sensation; third, visual inspection: Whether the vision of each eye is normal and whether there is any blurring, if there are no problems in the above three kinds, you can wear contact lenses with confidence.