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FAQ about RX Contact Lenses(2)

Aug 31,2023 | RX FAQ

FAQ about RX Contact Lenses | Prescription Lenses (2)

1. Washing every day will wear to the lens, but washing it every week will cause less wear to the lens, right?

Answer: Clinical research has not found that the contact lens material will be worn due to cleaning. On the contrary, if the lens is not cleaned every day, the accumulation of deposits will be harmful to the eyes.

2. Can I wear prescription lenses if I have astigmatism?

If the astigmatism is lower than 100 degrees, to be precise, it is lower than 75 degrees, then you don’t need to wear astigmatism contact lenses, add half of the astigmatism degree to the frame glasses, and then convert it into the prescription lens degree, which can also guarantee normal Vision, and if the degree of astigmatism exceeds 100, you need to prepare astigmatism to better correct vision.
The prescription power of contact lenses needs to be converted, and it has a specific conversion formula: contact lens diopter = frame glasses diopter ÷ (1-0.012× frame glasses diopter)

3. Sometimes I cry when I wear contact lenses, and I feel that the eyeballs are stuck very tightly. What caused it?

Answer: The reason is dry eyes. The dry eyes cause eye discomfort. After wearing Contact lenses, the eyes are irritated and cause a lot of tears. However, after the tears evaporate, the eyes are still very dry, so there is a tight feeling. At this time, some eye drops should be used to relieve it. above phenomenon.

4. Do not wash the lens at night, soak it in the care solution and then wash it the next morning.

Answer: If the sediment on the lens is not cleaned immediately, it will become more difficult to remove overnight. Therefore, it is not right to take off the lens at night and not clean it. It only takes a few seconds to take off the lens and clean it every day. After cleaning the lens soak it in the care solution overnight, take out the lens the next day, rinse it with the care solution, and wear it.

5. What is lens deposit? Where did it come from?

Answer: There are many protein components in the tears in our eyes, and the glands of the eyes also secrete a lot of lipids. In addition, contact lenses are exposed to the air, and contact with many foreign objects, dust, and microorganisms. These are the sources of precipitation. The material is hydrophilic, and adsorption and precipitation are inevitable.

Generally speaking, after one minute of wearing the lens, deposits are formed, 50% of the lens area is covered by deposits after 30 minutes, and 80% of the lens area is covered by deposits after eight hours.

6. Can I wear only one or two types of contact lenses with different prescriptions?

Answer: Yes, but it must be decided by an experienced fitter.

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