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The Ridiculously Easy Guide to Clean Your Lense

Jun 18,2024 | Mislens

As you know, contact lens cleaning is very important for your eye safety. Lens cases cleaning tools and professional soaking solutions are essential for contact lenses. It is necessary to clean and replace these tools regularly.

So what do you need to pay attention to during the cleaning process?

1. Wash your hands before performing any cleaning action.
2. Clever use of cleaning instrument instead of hand, some customers have longer nails it is easy to pick through the soft contact lenses with fingertips Or if you clean it with your fingers too hard, you'll break the lens. To solve this problem, you can use a lens Cleaner like this 🔗Screw-Top Lens Cleaner. You just need to pour the appropriate amount of soaking liquid, open the two sides of a period, and carefully after cleaning properly placed lenses.

Warm tips: soft water pro-contact contact lenses are not recommended to wear for a long time, before resting at night, please take out the contact lenses, it is recommended to use reasonably, ultra-long standby then may affect your eye health Oh, please be sure to pay attention.

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