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Can you shower with contact lenses?

Jan 06,2021 | Chris L

Just like swimming with contacts, showering with your contact lenses isn’t a great idea. 

Contact lenses are like sponges that absorb what they come in contact with. The tap water in your home can contain microbes that you don’t want in your eyes. When contact lenses are exposed to shower water, they absorb those microbes. This can cause eye infections and vision loss.

But that’s not all. Shower water will cause lenses to swell, making them uncomfortable to wear. It will also wash away your eyes’ natural lubricant, so your eyes will feel drier. And that blast of water to the face that you love so much? Don’t open your eyes or you risk flushing those brand new contacts down the drain.

So what are you supposed to do? We recommend taking out your contacts before you step into the shower. Store them in lens solution and put them back in when you’re all dried off.

Your showers may be blurry, but your eyes will be healthy.