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FAQ About Us Warehouse & Hongkong Warehouse

Feb 19,2024 | Mislens Faq

Recently we have received some customer inquiries about the timeliness of order dispatch warehouses, so here we give a detailed explanation of the dispatch warehouse. If you have similar questions, you can read this blog post.

1. My order has one or more product names starting with US Warehouse. Why was the order split and sent to multiple packages?

Answer: Products starting with Us Warehouse are products from the U.S. warehouse on the Mislens website. These products are shipped from the United States and transported by USPS. The delivery time is shorter. Generally, they can be delivered in 2-5 days. Therefore, if your order contains such products, they will be unpacked and sent out first, so you can receive the product package from Meicang earlier.
US Warehouse link 🔗

2. How to distinguish whether it is shipped from the Hong Kong warehouse?

Answer: Products without a warehouse logo at the beginning of the product are packaged and shipped from the Hong Kong warehouse through standard transportation. Compared with the US warehouse, the delivery time of the Hong Kong warehouse will be longer. Under normal circumstances, delivery will take 7-20 days. This data is transportation The business owner knows this through rigorous calculations.
Hong Kong warehouse link🔗

3. How to check the order after placing it?

Answer: 1. You can log in to your account - view orders - query
2. Follow the order logistics inquiry guide on the Mislens website
Order Query link🔗

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