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How are myopic contact prescription lenses different from Astigmatism lenses?

Feb 25,2024 | Mislens Faq

Recently a customer gave feedback that they are astigmatic + nearsighted can they buy myopic prescription contact lenses from the Mislens website? The number of inquiries is large, some customers can not tell whether they are suitable to buy Mislens prescription lenses or not, here I do an answer for you:

The first concept that needs to be clarified is the difference between prescription contact lenses for myopia and toric/Astigmatism lenses. In life, myopia lenses and astigmatism lenses are two common types of lenses, what is the difference between them, next I interpreted them from different angles for you:

1. Difference in Degree

Myopia lenses and astigmatism lenses are significantly different in terms of degree. Nearsighted lenses are used to correct myopia, and their degree is usually negative. This means that the lenses reduce the eye's ability to overfocus, allowing distant objects to be visible. In contrast, astigmatic lenses may have a positive, negative, or even zero prescription. This is because astigmatic lenses are primarily used to correct astigmatism, which varies in degree and direction.

2. Differences in the target audience

There is also a difference between myopia lenses and astigmatism lenses in terms of what they are used for. Myopia lenses are mainly used for those who see things blurred at a distance, i.e., the eyes are overly focused, making objects in the distance a blurred sight. And astigmatism lenses for astigmatism, astigmatism is often seen based on myopia or hyperopia, making the same level of objects appear double or multiple shadows of the phenomenon, therefore, astigmatism lenses are often used for both astigmatism and nearsightedness or farsightedness of people.

3. Similarities and differences in the principle of action

Myopia lenses and astigmatism lenses also differ in the principle of correcting visual problems. Myopia lenses make distant objects appear clearly on the retina by focusing light into a focal point in front of the eye. Astigmatic lenses, on the other hand, reduce or eliminate double vision by adjusting the direction of light scattering and correcting the eye's scattering of light.

So we suggest that if you are nearsighted and need to buy a nearsighted prescription then you can buy 🔗contact prescription lenses from the mislens website, we have annual disposable color contact prescription lenses and daily disposable clear prescription lenses that you can choose as per your need.
Of course, you will need to determine the appropriate prescription lenses for your eyes. We recommend that you first consult an optometrist to determine the appropriate lenses for your eyes or refer to 🔗FAQ #8 Conversion of Frames and Prescription Lenses to determine the appropriate prescription lenses for your eyes.