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What Color Contacts Should I Get?

Mar 09,2024 | Mislens

We mentioned the difference between prescription lenses and astigmatism lenses in the last article, if you are not sure, you can read the previous article.
Some of our customer's feedback is that they are not sure what color lenses are suitable for them. Then today take dark brown eye pupils as an example, I will explain to you in detail the case of different occasions suitable for dark brown eye pupils wearing lenses. Maybe you'll get some inspiration from these suggestions to choose your Lenses at
If you are an office worker, looking for lenses suitable for work occasions, and want to have a natural effect but with some differences, you can refer to the 🔗 Three-Tone Hazel Brown lenses on our Mislens website, the wearing effect is as follows:

If you are a student and want to have a more individual but not abrupt effect, you can consider 🔗Hidrocor Topazio Lenses, 🔗Mermaid Green Lenses, or 🔗 Jubby Gray lenses, the wearing effect is as follows:

If you want to go to a masquerade party, you can consider the 🔗Monet purple lenses, which can be worn as follows:

If you are choosing lenses to match your makeup, we usually recommend you choose natural effect lenses. For example, 🔗Natural For dark Eyes lenses, of course, you can choose your favorite lenses according to your makeup of the day.

Last but not least: for your health, it is important to clean your lenses before and after wearing them, you need professional soaking and cleaning solutions to clean your lenses and the corresponding containers. If you are missing these accessories, check out 🔗Cases & Solutions.