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Want To Create Demon Slayer Character With Mislens Cosplay Contact Lenses?

May 15,2024 | Mislens

“Demon Slayer” is a popular anime worldwide. It tells the story of the Taisho period in Japan, which is a world infested with man-eating ghosts. The main character Kamado Tanjirou, whose family was killed by a ghost and whose sister was also turned into a ghost, becomes a member of a ghost hunter organization called  "Demon Slayer Corps" under the guidance of a ghost hunter and fights to make his sister, Youdouko, turn back into a human being, crush the evil ghosts that killed his family, and cut the chain of sadness. They fight to return their sister Nezuko to human beings, to crush the evil spirits that killed their families, and to break the chain of grief.

You can complete the look of different characters using our Mislens Demon Slayer Cosplay Contact lenses.

Kamado Tanjirou, one of the main characters, can complete the character cosplay look with the purple hair of the restored character and Mislens Kamado Tanjirou lenses to match the character's clothes!

Mislens Kamado Tanjirou lenses

Nezuko, Kamado Tanjirou‘s sister, can restore the character's green bamboo mouthpiece and pink clothes with Mislens' Nezuko Rim Pink lenses to match the character's clothes to complete the character cosplay play look!

Mislens' Nezuko Rim Pink lenses

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